Can Telehealth Solve Our Healthcare Crisis?


Access to healthcare in South Carolina is in need of a large band-aid. South Carolina happens to be one of the unhealthiest states in the Union by reports with a ranking of 46 out of 50 in the nation. This low ranking may be in part to the lifestyle and genetics of the population, but very likely the resident’s poor access to quality healthcare is a determining factor. Poor dietary habits, a diet traditionally rich in fatty and fried foods along with the general lack of exercise by the vast majority contribute to this but can be overcome with proper preventive medicine interventions.

Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome) is rampant in the southeast, hitting SC very hard with large populations of those suffering from hypertension (HTN) and diabetes mellitus (DM). Lack of access to basic healthcare mean hypertension, diabetes and other disorders go unrecognized and thus untreated. Ramifications of untreated HTN and DM alone can account for great morbidity among the population, leading to heart disease, renal failure, stroke, and blindness to name a few outcomes. This population of under-treated will eventually consume a greater healthcare dollar as their disease process worsens and sequelae materialize.

Statistics show some 19.4% of those living in South Carolina are uninsured, having no type of health insurance at all. From a 2002 report, the uninsured residents cost the healthcare system upwards of $1,936 per individual per year. While 60% of the uninsured are hard working citizens, the vast majority (74%) when asked list “affordability” as the reason for not obtaining or purchasing health insurance. About half the eligible individuals without health insurance do not enroll in public programs for two chief reasons; firstly, they don’t want to receive government support and secondly, they don’t want government to provide health coverage.
The problem goes beyond the individual residents of the state. Almost 80% of businesses in SC, excluding self-employed and government workers have fewer than 10 employees and 53% of these “small employers” with a work force less than 10 employees do not offer group-sponsored health insurance to their employees because of cost issues. Now that the problem has been identified, what is the solution? Well it is a complex and multi factorial problem to solve. Should the government step in and cover the cost of supplying healthcare to all individuals at great expense to the taxpayer? I say no. A resounding no! For the most part we see the failures in the system of government sponsored or supplied healthcare with what is currently going on with Medicare and Medicaid. Another example of mediocre healthcare delivery is with our nation’s veterans. The Veteran Administration (VA) system of healthcare is increasingly slow, impersonal and cumbersome.

Private sector delivery systems can provide an answer as long as they are regulated to eliminate unfair business practices and unscrupulous profiteering. To allow a system to become successful as a business model, it must keep overhead down, allow current advances in communication technologies to be at its disposal and become free from the blood letting of insurance companies and a legal system with no reforms to place a ceiling on monetary awards for malpractice claims. One way to solve issues of cost containment for delivery models that will allow savings to be past to consumers is the use of telehealth with self insurance and the passing of legislation for tort reform. For a mere fraction of the cost of operating a brick-and-mortar typical family practice, telehealth can accomplish almost 70% of what can be conducted in an office setting without the cost prohibitive costs. End result is the savings passed along to the patient (consumer). Making routine and basic healthcare one again affordable.
Exploring this model are several telemedicine or telehealth services.

The group of clinicians I am in association with have departed from the typical means of conducting business via a traditional office based practice and is exploring new ways of healthcare delivery via telephone and video-consulting. The Internet savvy end-consumer will most likely embrace this new technology with offers great promise and practicality. Older patients who are used to office based practice may find the task of trusting the Internet and telemedicine a daunting task. The younger patient, typically will have minor acute illnesses that have lower acuity and can be managed comfortably by practitioners well versed in telemedicine, knowing the abilities and limitations of the system. Thousands of healthcare dollars can be saved if this new model is embraced. This will divert non-emergent or non-urgent patients from burdening our already overcrowded emergency departments and allow for better and more efficient management of higher acuity patients in true need of the ED.

Likewise access to online direct access testing (DAT) will allow astute consumers/patients direct access to lab and blood testing. Bypassing the traditional avenues to obtaining routine annual labs, they can once again drastically reduce their expenditures on the basic routine aspects of health and wellness. With only minor interventions and guidance by healthcare providers the vast majority of the public can obtain affordable healthcare tests they would have otherwise ignored or put off for lack of ability to pay a higher price tag. Affordable and easily accessible telehealth may very well be the panacea to save the majority of uninsured clients in our state and the nation.

Fun Things That You Can Do In Whitsunday

tongarra whitsundays

A lot of holidaymakers visit the Whitsunday region yearly. What makes this region great is that it serves as the window to the Great Barrier Reef and this is the reason why a lot of beach bums love to go and visit Whitsunday. Whitsunday is located in the central coast of Queensland and getting there is very easy. Since the place is now popular among both local and foreign tourists alike, the tourism Whitsundays department has developed interesting and inexpensive tour packages so that every tourists can afford to enjoy their visit.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Whitsunday and aside from just lounging at the beach chairs or sun bathing in Whitehaven beach, people can enjoy a myriad of water-related activities. Since the region serves as the drop off point to anyone who wants to see the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most popular tour packages offered by most tour operators in Whitsunday is scuba diving. Scuba diving Great Barrier Reef is an experience unlike no other. Divers will be able to enjoy the amazing coral formations, school of fishes and numerous sightings of turtles and sharks. Aside from scuba diving, you can also enjoy the shallow coral reefs by doing Whitsunday snorkeling.

On the other hand, if you have yet to get your scuba license, then you can still enjoy other activities in Whitsunday. One of the best ways for non-divers to do coral view is by renting a glass bottom boat. There are different types of boats with glass bottoms that you can rent which include a big boat which can be enjoyed with your whole family or a small kayak where you can enjoy the view all by yourself.

One of the most popular activities to do in Whitsunday is to indulge in a sailing cruise adventure. In fact, a lot of tour operators in the region offer Whitsunday islands sailing adventure packages. There are a lot of options that are available to those who love to go on sailing adventures. You can rent a yacht complete with your own crew or you can rent a catamaran and navigate them on your own.

Whatever idea of fun you might have for your holiday, rest assured that the many Whitsunday tour operators will be able to provide you with the best vacation packages that you will never forget in your whole life.

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Why Some “SAN Jose SEO” Agencies Are in For a Shock

What’s the problem?
Some of our so-called “competition” have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Many clients are coming to us unhappy with their current SEO services, and rightly so. Many agencies are getting a rough idea about SEO then offering it as a service despite having no real understanding of it let alone experience. This is something which seems to gathering pace. With the concept of SEO being relatively new to most business owners and decision makers they don’t know what to look out for in order to ensure they end up with a decent company, which often they don’t.

With no real institution in place to regulate the industry (Yes we have Bruce Clays Code of Ethics, Google’s Guidelines and SEMPO but these don’t check up on people to ensure they’re competent enough to offer the service), and with SEO now being realized as extremely important we’re facing a situation where anyone and everyone who has something to do with the web in a business sense is claiming the ability to do amazing SEO.

Who are they?
It seems that often these are people and companies who have, until recently, been web designers. Now, as SEO practitioners will know, it’s helpful to know all about web design but you also need to know about marketing. This is the thing. We suddenly have all of these SEO’s popping up all over the place, web designers who have read up a bit about SEO and believe they’ve mastered it after fiddling around with Google’s keyword tool and then chucking some results into META tags. They’re completely ignoring the fact that SEO requires marketing experience too.

These companies then believe that they are able to offer SEO as a service, despite having no real idea of what it is. Companies who use them will expect results that they simply cannot provide. They will implement the little bits of knowledge they have obtained from reading Learn SEO in 24 Hours and a few blogs, and then as the months go by their clients will begin to complain, applying pressure to see results, results that aren’t coming. Once the “SEO takes time” excuse has been exhausted and our web design company has realized that this same thing is happening with a number of their clients, and they are going to have to disappoint all of them, they’re going to look and feel very bad indeed.

Why are they making this mistake?
On the surface San Jose SEO seems simple, once you learn the basics it’s easy to think that’s all there is to it and you’ve mastered it in no timeā€¦ big mistake!

SEO is not as simple as it appears, if it was then there would be no need for SEO specialists like us, we’d just have any web designer implementing it into their web design services. Oh wait, they are doing that!

The problem is that when one begins to look into SEO as a practice, all they initially see is these “techniques” and anyone who can build websites can implement such techniques. I did the same thing. When I was studying at Southampton Solent University I did my final year project on SEO. I did loads of research, and loads of work. The project went on for many months in which I put in many hours per day into studying. By the time I had finished the project I was convinced that I knew all there was to know about SEO. I didn’t know squat, I just thought I did. When I look back now I realize how little I knew, and that had I been given the opportunity to offer my SEO skills to a client at that point I would have been confident in my ability to get them some great results.

Since that time I have learned and learned, through experience and study. Still now I can see that there still is, and always will be much more to learn and study.
When you scratch that simple surface of SEO, you start to see more, and then more, and more, and more. The further you dig down, the more you will see that you’re going to have to keep digging, deeper and deeper, and in many different directions. SEO, far from being that “simple” thing it comes across as, is a very complex process covering a very broad range.

Unfortunately this fact is invisible until that simple surface is scratched.
The surface dwelling SEO companies out there, of which there are many, are in for a hell of a shock when they realize things weren’t as simple as they first thought, or just a lot of confusion as to why their “techniques” weren’t having the effect they had read they would.

In any case, eventually word will spread and business owners will know what to look out for and what to avoid (through costly experience for some) and there will come a time when SEO specialists will be recognized as just that, and not confused with web designers who happen to have learnt a little on the surface.

Regulation needed
There needs to be some kind of a badge that SEO’s wear to distinguish them from the amateurs, something that is acquired through testing and proof of knowledge.

Companies and individuals have a right to know if the agency they’re hiring have the ability to do the job, just like if you were hiring a car mechanic you’d want to know that he can actually fix your car, not just fiddle around underneath it and making excuses as to why it still doesn’t work, because he’s not really a car mechanic, he’s a baker!

How Can a Small Business Create Ripples Online?

Even if your business is small you can create a big difference in the online world. Your company may have been little heard of, but SEO marketing will create this difference for you.
Identify high traffic portals such as article sites, blog sites, hub pages, social book marking sites and social networking sites. If you are situated in Leeds, then you must look for marketing services which targets your geographical location. Your efforts lie in identifying the right SEO company which will carry out your web marketing task at ease and in great proficiency. Rest, you leave it to the experts to work it out. They may know some targeted traffic source that others don’t. This offers you an edge over your competitors in Leeds.
Do not expect results in a short time. There is no magic wand that generates results in a day or two. A sound campaign of optimisation will require at least two months of time to create good rankings for your site and your site may rank well for particular key phrases too. Decide on a budget and based on this, you can discuss with your SEO consultant on what can fetch you results. Having realistic demands will fetch you better results.
Web optimisation, viral traffic generation, podcasting, banner exchange, PPC etc can be used. You can make use of SEO as your primary web marketing strategy as this itself is comprehensive and includes link building, blogging, article promotion etc. Believe it, web marketing will offer you permanent results compared to offline marketing services.