Laser Scanning System – Uses in Land Assessments

A new development in the surveying industry has made land assessments less costly and convenient. Assessment companies have begun using a laser scanning system to perform many of their services for clients. Land assessments are performed for many reasons including mapping boundaries, creating aerial views, modeling a development sight, and creating building designs. A laser scanning system can be used for just about any purpose and offers more accuracy than any other type of survey method. These systems can be used from the ground or in the air. They require little time or effort to digitally map an area. This is the most frequent reason why surveying businesses use them. Survey companies can provide the fastest service and most reliable results to each client. Laser equipment is consistently being improved for the best data and 3D modeling available in today’s competitive business market.

How is 3D Laser Scanning Used for Land Assessments?
When land needs to be measured, mapped, and modeled, the process can be very difficult. It may not be easy to get to or be unsafe for someone to manually assess. 3D laser scanning has made it possible to get the exact details of an area without having to worry about these restrictions. If an area is too hard to get to, a plane can be used to fly over the site and get the data needed. 3D laser scanning uses the latest equipment to measure and map the area in one sweep. All recorded points are loaded into a computer system and used with design software to create the most accurate 3D images and models. Photos can be taken while in air and used to create 360 degree images. These photos can be much like satellite photos taken for online mapping tools and programs. Everything can be recorded and transferred into any required documentation and imaging. These devices are used to create a variety of tools including multi-dimensional images and videos for clients. Data can be used for later requests without the need to visit the site again. Laser equipment is a very handy tool for land assessments and is even being applied for less traditional purposes. Read more here.

Can Your Company Benefit From a Laser Scanning Service?

A laser scanning service is not restricted to just assessing bare land. These services have expanded to perform many other types of 3D imaging. Common uses besides basic surveys include telecommunications imaging, building design, site modeling, and assisting in criminal investigations. A laser scanning service can be used for any object or site that needs to be graphically depicted with computer imaging software. Objects of all sizes can be scanned and modeled. This service can be used to take simple aerial images of your property, model buildings, and much more. Any business that involves designing, creating, or updating an item or property can benefit from this service. The detailed images and measurements one of these scans can supply are beyond amazing. Evaluate your current business projects and ask yourself if imaging could make them easier. If so, maybe its time you got a little extra help and made your job a little easier.

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